About Us

About Us

Amplefield Limited has four core businesses: property development, engineering procurement, construction management, facilities and investment, and manufacturing. We are geographically diversified in South East Asia, with the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam as our key markets.



Our experience and expertise include industrial property developments as well as industrial facilities, utilities supplies, and security services for manufacturing and warehousing clients; engineering procurement and construction management of infrastructure projects; and residential and commercial investment properties.


To be the recognized performance leader in the niche industry that we are in. Being a performance leader means we will strive for operational excellence, industrial leadership, superior customer satisfaction and financial performance


To meet our clients and customers' need for superior facilities with high build and maintenance quality that is both environmentally friendly, technologically progressive and sustainable.

Core Values

1. Customer Commitment: Focus On The User

2. Quality: If It Is Worth Doing, It Is Worth Doing It Well

3. Integrity: Be Real

4. Teamwork: One Team

5. Respect For People: People First

6. Good Citizenship: Be Part Of The Community

7. Diversity: Be Inclusive

8. Accountability & Responsibility: If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me

9. Sustainability: Leaving A Lasting Legacy


Significant events that have transformed and shaped the company and group structure to date

22 Jan 2022                    

Change of address of share registrar and where the register of members and index are kept

28 Dec 2021                    

Entry into long term lease agreement with Lima Land Inc. for freehold land of 54,821 sqm.

28 Oct 2021                    

Appointment of executive vice chairman and recomposition of the Board

30 July 2021                    

Termination of MOA for proposed joint venture between the Group and Equine Sanctuary (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

07 May 2021                    

Acquisition of 100% equity interest in Niche Properties Sdn Bhd

15 Feb 2021                    

Change of company secretary

30 Sept 2020                    

Entry into deed of assignment and set-off arrangement between the Group, Amanland Pte Ltd and Sin Heap Lee Properties Sdn Bhd

28 Aug 2020                    

EGM of shareholders to approve :

  1.  Expansion of property development and construction business to include Malaysia

  2. Acquisition of 6 units of commercial leasehold properties in Selangor, Malaysia

  3. Diversification into manufacturing business 

30 July 2020                    

Entry into agreements for the acquisition of 6 units of commercial leasehold properties in Selangor, Malaysia

20 July 2020                    

Change in company secretary

14 July 2020                    

Acquisition of 40% equity interest in CAM Mechatronic (Phils.) Inc.

13 Feb 2020                    

Notification on transition to half-year and full year financial results reporting

22 Jan 2020                    

EGM of shareholders to approve:

  1. Adoption of share buyback mandate

07 Jan 2020                    

Notices by electronic communication

22 Oct 2019                    

Incorporation of associate company, Amplefield Malvar Inc.

30 Sep 2019                    

Change of company secretary

12 Apr 2019                    

Acquisition of remaining 25% equity interest in Citybuilders Pte Ltd

30 Jan 2019                    

EGM of shareholders to approve:

  1. New constitution of the Company

6 Dec 2018                    

Acquisition of 40% equity interest in CAM Ventures Development Inc.

19 Dec 2017                    

Completion of rights exercise with 554,736,390 new shares subscribed

04 Dec 2017                    

Entry into sandfill contract between the Group and Sing Viet City Ltd

27 Sep 2017                    

Deed of absolute sale between ADI and ALI for 16 units buildings

09 Dec 2016                    

Transfer from Mainboard to Catalist

6 Feb 2015                    

Completion of 10 to 1 share consolidation exercise

30 Jan 2015                    

EGM of shareholders to approve:

  1. 10 to 1 share consolidation exercise

21 May 2014                    

Issue and allotment of 2,767,049,304 rights shares

30 Apr 2014                    

Restructuring of manufacturing operations in Philippines

Group Structure

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